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The Government and Violence in the Media

This is an essay written in practicing for the IELTS test writing module.

Due to recent advances in technologies, the horizon of the media has been broadened so much so that it is now covering a much greater territory and influencing our society in a much more profound way. The resurfacing discussions about how violent content in the media should be controlled by the government demonstrate one such pressing concerns of the public in response to this development.

I believe that the government should always maintain certain degrees of regulation on how violence could be appeared in the media. For example, because young audience, of different age groups and levels of maturity, takes and reacts to the given content very differently, through enforcing a well maintained and designed Rating System, the government could effectively regulate our younger generation’s media exposures — much younger children could enjoy harmless non-violent programs that focus on nurturing their abilities to appreciate the world’s pure beauties, while adolescence, upon entering the adult world, could be better prepared and learn how to think critically, when exposed to a proper amount of selected categories of violent content under parental supervision.

However, the government’s power of regulating the media should neither be left unwatched nor should it be solely relied upon. For one, each government will have its own political agenda, and it will not hesitate to exploit the ‘weapons’ in possession to its own favor, which, to the extreme, could be used to undermine the freedom of speech. Also, the government alone, despite its great powers and seemingly unlimited resources, is still not enough in keeping measures up-to-date in order to counter the side effects resulting from the rapid developments of modern media industry. For example, violent content floating on the Internet is still in no good control. As a result, allowing NGOs(non-profit organizations) and private companies of related backgrounds and qualifications to step in as complements to the regulation process could benefit the system enormously in keeping the made policies relevant and practice effective.

In conclusion, the government has an important part to play in the battle of balancing media violence, but this effort and responsibility should be properly distributed among the various forces of our society.