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Charity Special Days

This is an essay written in practicing for the IELTS test writing module.

Special days, such as National Children’s Day and National Anti-Smoking Day, have been established and advertised by some charitable organizations across the globe, which is a rather common form employed to promote cultural or religious ideas.

In order for such ideas or visions to be effectively promoted to the general public and in the end achieve their designed goals, it is required for the advertising methods to be both economical to carry out and able to persist a long-lasting influence on societies. Since most charities are operating on public or private fund and limited resources, it would be economically wiser to take on roles of inspiring people, instead of getting involved in every one of the detailed operation — sending staffs out on the street to talk each smoking person out of the habit would not be that cost-efficient for example. Special days, like holidays, on the other hand, once adopted, requires no further costs from charities. Those who are convinced of the ideas would come out preach, and those who have been sharing similar ones would be attracted and join the parade, when the days come.

Through out the entire human history, special days of all kinds has been observed within almost every existed culture and proven to be quite effective, due to the facts that they can be easily remembered and practiced and useful on attracting public attention. Human is the creature of habit, which, once formed, is rather hard to be unlearnt. Also, because most of the special days are oftentimes associated with some historical or major public events occurred on specific dates that will constantly be reminded with later on, it is not hard for the public to remember and relate to them. Even if some special days were started out and only held seriously by a few minority groups, once the values behind them have been recognized, it would not be impossible for them to draw attention from the government and media to further promote the ideas to a much broader audience.

In general, I think it is a smart move for charities to exploit special days as vehicles for making their visions known and keeping them alive, both efficiently and effectively.