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Working Too Much and Having No Time for Families and Friends

This is an essay written in practicing for the IELTS test writing module.

In today’s ever demanding yet opportunity-rich society, people tend to focus too much on their work, rather than spending enough time with their families and friends.

Admittedly, the major cause of this phenomenon is that our working environment is becoming increasingly competitive, due to the progress of modernization and globalization. As information flowing more freely and transparently, it becomes much harder for business to keep a competitive advantage over its rivals. Without even approaching any form of commercial espionage, a simple Google search might just yield enough results regarding solutions about how to cut down operational cost, new market angles to generate fresh revenue, accessible technologies to boost productivity, etc. Competitions drive down prices, force companies into cost reductions and working people nowadays have to either work longer hours to get enough pay or invest more time into improving their employability. Many other reasons, such as global project collaboration which requires long-distance traveling, also contribute to longer time spent away from family and friends.

This trend has a two-way impacts on our society. On the up side, hard working increases social wealth and further enriches individuals’ life. Increased social wealth means more tax incomes for the government, thus more money could be spending on improving education, building better infrastructure and covering public welfare, which could eventually be translated into a happier and more productive society. While on the down side, working too hard and not paying enough attention to family members could severely weaken family bonds. Children growing up in such families often show less respect to others and have higher rates of committing crimes, comparing to those from well-bonded families. Also, without frequent communication with friends, it is easy for adults to build up stress, inducing bad tempers and various psychological or physical health issues. All of which decrease the overall stability of our society.

Personally, I enjoy working hard and creatively in order to fulfill my potentials, and I also prefer to keep a proper work-life balance. Hopefully, more people will start realizing that work, families and friends are all crucial parts of our life.